Get to know us a little more

Peace to you all, I am Elaysia, the Founder of Gaia Emporium. I have always been in love with the Earth for as long as I can remember. Growing up my Nana would say; "if you hear the birds chirping in the morning then that means you will have a good day". I feel like that quote subconsciously taught me how to be intentional. I've always loved fruits and vegetables as a child but as my years increased my intentions for health increased, I found myself fascinated with herbs, for they did what fruits and veggies do but more! In college I started going to Yoni Steaming Spa's (what is better than healing and cleansing your vagina with herbs from mother Earth herself!?) and of course covid hit, resulting in the closure of Spa's. I could not stop Vaginal Steaming for it was apart of my health. As a Culinary graduate and Herbalist I decided to make herbal blends for my family and I, and steam at home (Stopping was not an option). I then started putting tea blends together for immunity to keep my family safe from Covid, my partner suggested that I make a website for these items because now my friends had wanted Yoni Steaming Blends and Tea. You know the typical cliche, "one thing lead to another", Gaia Emporium was born to educate and share the gifts that have ALWAYS been here from Mother Earth.

Greetings, I am Ian, Owner of Gaia Emporium and soulmate to Elaysia. Growing up I never knew what I wanted to do when I got older or what career I wanted to pursue, I always knew I just wanted to help people, bring joy and postive energy into others lives. I was never into crystal or herbs until I met Elaysia. When Elaysia introduced me to crystals and herbs it changed my life, crystal started to really catch my eye and call out to me as I discovered and learned all the different energy properties, shapes, colors and metaphysical meanings I just became more and more fascinated into the beauty of crystal. As far as the herbs go I wasn't a tea drinker at all until I discovered how good the herbs taste with such great quality and the cobinations Elaysia would make for me! I began to ask Elaysia to make me a tea for any reason from feeling under the weather to digesting issues Elaysia had an answer for all which then allowed me to cut out over the counter medicine in my life and now for any problems I might have I turn to herbs for healing! I was never a fan of prescription drugs or over the counter medicines so im very appreciative of the natural medicine (herbs). When we started this journey I knew this is what I wanted to do. Provide people with an altenative natural way to heal, cleanse, enhance and guide people through their spiritual journey and herbal remedies.